BBQ Environment Protect Charcoal


BBQ Charcoal 1, used for smelting high quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron. 2, as mechanical parts of the carbonizing agent, improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of steel parts. 3, and potassium nitrate, sulfur preparation of gunpowder. 4, can be made into graphite. As a solid lubricant, this is very important for rotating parts that cannot use lubricating oil (graphite as sliding bearings). Make graphite electrode. 5, into activated carbon, the application is more widely, in chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection and other aspects have been used. Such as chemical purification, purification of drinking water and air harmful substances, do gas masks. Gansu Port Logistics Co., Ltd. was established on April 23, 2019. Its business scope includes international air logistics; international, domestic sea, land, and air freight forwarding services; combined transportation agency services; warehousing services (excluding da…

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