Ecotherm Appliance Coil Heater Nanopore Insulation Pad

Microporous insulation is silica based material in the form of compacted powder or fibers with an average interconnecting pore size comparable to or below the mean free path of air molecules at standard atmospheric pressure. Microporous insulation may contain opacifiers to reduce the amount of radiant heat transmitted. This composition results in a material with exceptionally low thermal conductivity (lower than dormant air). Each board is individually encapsulated in polyethylene foil to make it resistant to moisture. It is also available in a flexible form with or without cloth encapsulation. Microporous high temperature insulation is based on separation technology. This involves small particles of dispersed silica creating micro-pores with diameters of less than 2nm (nanometres). The resulting sheets combine a porous structure with a low density, reducing their heat conductivity. Microporous high temperature insulation blocks these three modes of heat transfer: cond…

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