Lamp strip plug waterproof sealing RTV silicone rubber


 Led Bulb Translucent One-Component RTV Silicone Sealant ST-792B Product specification 1. The product picture is as above         2. Product features and applications This product is a one-component dealcoholic adhesive sealing material. It is cured at room temperature to become an elastic rubber with certain toughness and strength, and it is non-irritating gas release. It is an environmentally friendly product; this product has excellent high temperature resistance, good adhesion to PC/PMMA/PVC and other engineering plastics. Mainly used for electronic appliances, lighting, household appliances, all kinds of glass, aluminum, engineering plastics bonding, fixing and sealing. Our products include One-Component RTV Silicone Sealant, Thermal paste, Thermal Grease, Thermal Pad, UV Curing Adhesive, Potting Glue, Electronic Coating Adhesive, Epoxy Resin Adhesive, and other series, applic…

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