Natural 6P Fresh White Garlic Vegetables


Description: Generally speaking,each garlic has six cloves,with the advantages of symmetrical appearance,even shape,juicy and pure taste. Cultivated forms of Allium sativum with white bulbs.widely planting in Jinxiang,Lanling,Shanghe county.China. Widely for cooking,condiments,seasoning,sauce etc. Also as the ideal material for deep processing of garlic products,such as dehydrated garlic flakes, peeled garlic,garlic oil etc. More similar products: 1.fresh chinese 6p pure white garlic 2.fresh 5.5cm white garlic white garlic  4.pure white garlic cloves 5.fresh pure white garlic 5.5cm 6.5cm fresh normal white garlic 7.garlic vegetable Application: 1.Flavouring&cuisine 2.Medical 3.Health care products Edible value: 1.Low…

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