Pipe Double Sided Butyl Rubber Tape


 Pipe Double side Adhesive Description The Pipe Double side Adhesive is a cold applied tape used for the corrosion protection oil , gas ,water underground or overhead pipeline . It is also called Polyethylene double sided butyl rubber anti-corrosion tape. Pipe Anticorrosion Tape The XUNDA liquid adhesive can be used as primer for this tape. The liquid adhesive represent an anti corrosion layer and provide a uniformly smooth contact surface to promote high adhesion of double sided tape to the pipe . The Pipe Double side Adhesive shall be applied after liquid adhesive and before the pipe protection tape.  Pipe Double side Adhesive Composition The composition of the pipe wrap tape - double sided tape consists of four layers, internal adhesive layer,external adhesive layer , film backing and interleaving. Internal adhesive : Butyl rubber External adhesive : Butyl rubber Film Backing: Special blend of stabilized polyet…

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