Solar PV Power Monitoring Solution


Solar PV Power Monitoring Solution Nowadays, grid companies usually require photovoltaic grid-connected systems to be irreversible , that is the electricity generated by photovoltaic grid-connected systems is consumed by local loads and excess electricity is not allowed to supply to the grid.  The system can regulate power generation in order to prevent the photovoltaic grid-connected system from generating reverse power. Here we introduce our solar power meter AGF-AE-S,ACR10R-D10TE they are single phase PV Reflux Monitoring Meter AGF-AE-D Bidirectional Reflux Monitoring Meter is mainly used in America market ACR10R-D10TE4 is Three-phase PV Reflux Monitoring Meter These 4 energy meters we designed for solar inverter companies,like Goodwe,Solis. They are mainly to monitor the reverse power and while the system has reverse power ,it will send message to inverter to inform the inverter to cut off the power and in order to prevent the inverter po…

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