Greensaver is proud of being the world`s one and the only Silicone Power Battery manufacturer. Replacing the 140-year-old technology of lead acid batteries, Greensaver`s breakthrough the invention of the world`s unique Silicone Power Batteries promises to revolutionize the global energy market. Originally dealing in the auto parts industry, Greensaver was first established in the United States in 1999. Along with the maturity of the technical development, the company started to enter the battery market in 2000. Simultaneously, invention and patent applications for the new silicone compound electrolyte were completed. By 2003, Greensaver has grown into a U.S. Unlike conventional lead acid batteries, the Silicone Power Batteries are slight corrosive; possess the performance of environment protection. Silicone Power Batteries offer superior performance, Optimized for high current discharges and preferable enhanced capacity. The Silicone Power Battery is e…
Ningbo China
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